Leasing Services

Let Corridor be your trusted leasing partner.

Our purpose at Corridor is laser-focused: we fill apartments. As a third-party leasing service solely dedicated to this mission, we provide our partners with unmatched leasing results.

We've formed exclusive partnerships with a broad range of multi-family rental properties throughout the Twin Cities, providing expert support from pre-leasing through stabilization โ€” and it's working.

They take care of management. We take care of leasing. When you divide and conquer, you can go further.

And when it comes to developing leasing partnerships, we know that results are key. We'd love to share more about our services and how we can work together to become your trusted leasing partner.

Phase 1


Achieve meaningful results for your property before the doors open, ensuring you beat your pro forma.

Phase 2


Our laser-focused leasing efforts fill buildings quicker, attain higher rents, and stabilize faster.

Phase 3


We're here to be a trusted leasing partner so you can focus time and energy on what's impactful to your business.

Elevate the leasing experience.

Our team of licensed agents adeptly manages every facet of successful transactions, from a lead's first inquiry to a final lease agreement. The Corridor approach is all about putting people first and delivering quality tenants through your door. This means super quick follow-up through our strategic multi-attempt response system and a personalized approach with every lead. And it means results.

Every project is assigned a dedicated leasing agent who is well-versed in your property's details. This allows us to provide a seamless process for renters, management, and property owners alike.

On-site tours are conducted by our professional, licensed, and engaging sales team. Simply put, we convert leads to tours, tours to leases, and deliver future residents to management.

We're eager to help elevate your leasing experience, knowing that reliable and immediate lead communication, expert knowledge, and seamless transactions can make or break a property's success.

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Let's talk! Weโ€™d love to hear more about your leasing needs and how we can help support your business.