Let Corridor be your trusted leasing partner.

There are so many important facets in a new development to get right. One of the most important is leasing.

A strong leasing team can make or break your development’s success.

It’s more important than ever before to hire a leasing service tasked with one main goal: to fill up and lease your apartments.

Corridor is flipping the traditional property management model of leasing on its head by providing a third-party service solely dedicated to getting top-notch leasing results.

If you’re interested in Corridor’s leasing services contact us at Hello@CorridorMN.com.

Elevate the leasing experience.

From a lead’s first inquiry to an executed lease agreement, our team elevates the leasing experience. Corridor partners with property management companies all over the Twin Cities and it’s working. They take care of management, we take care of leasing. When you divide and conquer, you can go further. We’ve found that by keeping a laser-focus on leasing, buildings fill up quicker, achieve higher rents, and stabilize faster.

The future of real estate is personal.

The Corridor approach is all about putting people first. This means super quick follow-up through our strategic multi-attempt response system, and a personalized approach with every lead. And it means results. Our innovative leasing model is driven by licensed real estate agents that are passionate about leasing.

Our goal is to elevate the role of a leasing agent across the Twin Cities because we believe that leasing agents hold the keys to success.

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