Chateau Student Housing Co-op

Best Views in Dinkytown

The Chateau Student Housing Co-op is a 127-unit apartment complex located in Dinkytown near the University of Minnesota’s East Bank. As the tallest building in Dinkytown, it boasts some of the most spectacular views in the University area.

At the Chateau, all leases start at twelve months and then automatically go month-to-month after that. The Chateau just might have the most flexible lease terms of any apartment building near campus! Due to the fact that the leasing structure is so unique, members enjoy a great deal of flexibility in deciding when they might potentially move in or out of the building.

The cooperative housing model engages members to cultivate a voice in operations, gain leadership experience and advocate for a stronger community.

Current Partnership

  • Dinkytown
  • 127 Units
  • Riverton Community Housing

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