Marcy Park Student Housing Co-op

Student Living on the East Bank

The Marcy Park Student Housing Co-op is made up of two separate buildings totaling 57 apartments near the University of Minnesota’s East Bank. Located only ¾ of a mile from campus, it’s only a five-minute bus ride or a 15-minute walk to get to class on the East Bank.

The vast majority of apartments that become available during the year at this co-op are for August and September move-in, which makes it a perfect location for students who would like to reside close enough to campus to walk or bike but who may also like a little cushion between their residence and the bustling atmosphere of Dinkytown.

At Marcy Park, members have opportunities to serve in the governing structure of the building, develop leadership skills and develop a strong community. The cooperative housing model engages members to cultivate a voice in operations, gain leadership experience and advocate for a stronger community.

Current Partnership

  • Marcy-Holmes
  • 57 Units
  • Riverton Community Housing

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