Blaise Redefines Studio Living

Blaise Redefines Studio Living

A new approach to studio apartment design increases value for both renters and stakeholders alike.

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When you think of a studio apartment, what comes to mind? A cozy floor plan with slim storage options? If so, then the studios at Blaise may surprise you.

Located in the Whittier neighborhood of Minneapolis, Blaise offers a dynamic urban lifestyle without the downtown price tag. Each of the 51 units are designed with functionality in mind and residents love the plentiful storage spaces. A convenient drop zone with entry bench and coat hooks greets you at the door, followed by ample shelving, and a large walk-in closet. All of which are not found in your typical studio apartment.

This practical design approach not only appeals to renters, but has increased value for stakeholders as well. The unique functionality of Blaise's studios stood out amongst the intense competition in the market, achieving higher-than-typical rent prices during the lease-up phase. Prices started at $1,095 and rose to $1,325. Blaise is now 100% leased.

Thank you to our partners at North Bay Companies for another successful collaboration.

  • Aug 16, 2021