Corridor Turns One

Throughout the past 12 months, Corridor has truly experienced a remarkable inaugural year. We've launched a unique brand, expanded our property portfolio, brought on new partnerships, and assembled an incredible leasing team.

It doesn't seem long ago that we officially introduced the Corridor brand. Much like today, last April, we were living and working through the uncertainty of a pandemic. The multifamily industry has seen many changes in process and perspective in the last few years, but we know this: leasing is our key to success.

"Corridor is locked into the opportunity we see in the real estate market to continue to innovate the leasing space. The industry is ripe for something new and differentโ€”and we are honored to be frontrunners. We will continue to provide leasing services to new construction lease-ups and stabilized multifamily assets throughout the Twin Cities. The best is definitely yet to come and we've only begun!" โ€” Brad Baar, Owner & Broker at Corridor.

With this month marking our first anniversary, we're reflecting on the achievements of our first official year in business. See Corridor's milestones below!

  • Apr 18, 2022

A New Model, A New Brand

As a vision for Corridor was coming into focus, Brad Baar recognized a need in the market for innovation in the leasing process. With that in mind, he established the concept for Corridor, a third-party service with a new approach to leasing. Driven by licensed real estate agents who are passionate about their work, Corridor is elevating the leasing experience.

With the aid of our friends at Authentic, Corridor launched a distinctive brand and website in April 2021.

31 Properties

From new construction lease-ups to established historic buildings, Corridor represents 31 properties throughout the Twin Cities. This diversity ensures that we have the perfect place for every renter.

Growing the Corridor Team

We may be biased, but we think we have the best leasing team in the business โ€” and this year, we've grown our team from three agents to ten. Corridor's approach is all about putting people first. We pride ourselves on being real people who love to connect authentically with each and every lead.

"I've been truly wowed by our progress and growth as a team. We've been able to remain laser-focused on achieving incredible results for our leasing clients," shares Brad Baar, Owner & Broker at Corridor.

17 New Leasing Partnerships

Corridor is flipping the traditional property management model on its head, and it's working! We've found that by keeping a laser focus on leasing, buildings fill up quicker, achieve higher rents, and stabilize faster.

Thank you to all of our partners for allowing us to be your trusted leasing service

1,053 Units Leased

From economic studios to spacious townhomes, downtown to the suburbs, and everything in between, we've leased more than 1,050 units in our first year alone!

$19M+ Yearly Gross Rental Income

As we look back on the past year, this figure sums it all up. We've leased $19,036,800 in yearly gross rental income for our clients.

2,351 Units Represented

With 2,351 units under our belt, we can't wait to continue to grow our leasing partnerships, property portfolio, and team.