Hartley Properties + Corridor Leasing Portfolio Expands

Corridor + Hartley Properties portfolio grows to 286 total units.

Over the course of the past three-and-a-half years, Corridorโ€™s partnership with Hartley Properties has proven to be a model of success.

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Starting with 111 units in 2017, collaboration between the two companies has grown. This April, Corridor added an additional 175 units to its portfolio, and now provides leasing services to a total of 286 Hartley Property units throughout the Twin Cities.

In this new model of partnership, each company can focus on what it does best. Hartley Properties manages its diverse set of properties, keeping units in superb condition year round. Tenants can feel comfortable and satisfied in their homes. Meanwhile, Corridor is solely dedicated to top-notch leasing results, connecting renters with their desired property and re-renting units quickly. This divide and conquer strategy has resulted in a 99.3% leased portfolio.

  • Apr 27, 2021