Unveiling The Abbott: Elevated Multifamily Living in Linden Hills

Welcome to The Abbott, an exceptional multifamily development in the heart of the Twin Cities that aims to redefine the concept of luxury living. We are joined by Nate Wissink of Plat Form, LLC, to delve into the vision, inspiration, and meticulous craftsmanship behind The Abbott.

As the leasing provider for this remarkable property, Corridor is a proud partner in bringing this project to life, ensuring a seamless lease-up process, and creating a distinctive experience for residents. Join us as we explore The Abbott and discover the commitment and passion that went into its creation.

The Abbott Exterior

Envisioning The Abbott

Nate Wissink may be best known for creating exceptional custom homes as co-owner of Streeter Custom Builder. But when the possibility of establishing a new multifamily property in Linden Hills became available, Wissink recognized the opportunity to reconnect with his development roots.

"I came from a development background about 20 years ago, working on multifamily properties and mixed-use development. I have always wanted to do some of that again but just haven't had the right opportunity, and then this site presented itself," said Wissink.

Having a background in the field, Wissink saw an incredible opportunity in a neighborhood he had lived in for a decade and still cherishes. The walkability and design-driven potential of the location were key factors in making a long-term investment in the community. The Abbott presented an ideal canvas for creating a residential space that combines elegance, functionality, and architectural excellence.

"We felt that the walkability of this site β€” and the ability to do something that was really design-driven and thoughtfully considered at every level β€” was something that we felt strongly about, and making a long-term investment in this neighborhood," offers Wissink.

Wissink, in collaboration with his long-time business partner and co-owner of Streeter Custom Builder, Steven Streeter, established the development firm Plat Form, LLC. Sean Sweeney from Hayes Harlow also joined as a development partner for the project. This dynamic team has successfully transformed the vision of The Abbott into a reality.

Leveraging Custom Homebuilding Expertise

Wissink's extensive experience in custom homebuilding brings a unique perspective to The Abbott. He explains how the principles of creating specialized, architecturally driven custom homes were leveraged to achieve distinction at the apartment level.

"When we're doing custom homes, they're all architecturally driven. So when you get into the level of granularity that you do on a custom home with the specialty needs of individual clients, the question ultimately becomes: how can you create a similar experience learning the design principles and the architectural aspects and bring them to a level of excellence at an apartment level?" Wissink articulated.

The Finishes that Define Luxury

The attention to detail, thoughtful design choices, and functional considerations from the world of custom homebuilding have been seamlessly integrated into The Abbott, ensuring a living experience that goes beyond ordinary apartments.

"I think we've been able to take all these elements from what we learned in the custom homebuilding world and bring them to the apartment level to create more than an apartment β€” a place people can call home," offers Wissink.

One glance at The Abbott's renderings and model unit photography is enough to captivate anyone with its stunning finishes. Wissink emphasizes the consistency of finish level as a defining characteristic of The Abbott. Every aspect, from the tile selection and countertops to the cabinetry design, has been carefully chosen to elevate the living experience.

Wissink explains, "We've taken, for example, the bathroom cabinets and made them look like furniture instead of just a box cabinet. The same with the kitchens; it looks like custom cabinetry because of the way we've designed it. And that is not typical."

By integrating functionality throughout each space, providing abundant and functional lighting, and incorporating high-quality materials like quartz countertops and panelized dishwashers, The Abbott sets new standards for luxury in multifamily living.

The Abbott WEB 2365

The Allure of Linden Hills

Location plays a vital role in the appeal of any residential property, and The Abbott's placement in Linden Hills adds an extra layer of desirability. As someone deeply connected to the neighborhood, Wissink understands the area's unique charm and demand for high-quality design.

"A lot of people want to have the walkability of this neighborhood and high design but don't have access right now because they don't want to be in a single-family home. So The Abbott provides an offering unique to the neighborhood from that standpoint," provides Wissink.

The neighborhood allure, proximity to amenities, and the offering of distinguished design in a multifamily setting make The Abbott a coveted residence for those seeking the best of both worlds.

A Promising Future

As of June 2023, The Abbott opened its doors to its inaugural residents. Wissink reveals that the 700 sq. ft. of commercial property within the development is still being finalized, with the potential to serve as office space for a resident at the property. The completion of the project marks the culmination of a remarkable journey, and the leasing partnership with Corridor has been instrumental in ensuring a seamless leasing process and maintaining the highest level of service and care for potential tenants. As of early June 2023, The Abbott is more than 50% leased, which speaks to the property's desirability and expertise of Corridor's leasing efforts.

Corridor: A Trusted Leasing Partner

Wissink speaks highly of Corridor, highlighting the personalized touch and exceptional service the team provides. The synergy between The Abbott's product offering and Corridor's commitment to relationship-building creates a seamless experience for prospective tenants. Corridor has been instrumental in delivering an outstanding level of service that aligns perfectly with the ethos of The Abbott.

"It's really the personal touch driving relationship as part of the overall outcome," says Wissink. "We really enjoy the Corridor team as part of our service offering because of how they interact with clients. We felt strongly that this would be synonymous with the type of offering we have from a product standpoint."

A New Chapter of Inspired Living

The Abbott stands as a testament to the unwavering commitment to excellence, thoughtful design, and the vision of Nate Wissink and the development team. With Corridor's leasing expertise, this remarkable property is poised to become the epitome of luxury living in Linden Hills. From the meticulously crafted finishes to the prime location, The Abbott offers a unique opportunity for residents to experience the best of Twin Cities living. As the doors open on this extraordinary property, it is time to embark on a new chapter of inspired living at The Abbott.

  • Jun 13, 2023

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